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Listed are the bootleg CDs as far as I know of them.

Gone To Earth

Italian bootleg

[April 12, 1988]

In Praise Of Shamans

Japanese bootleg. Superb!!

[December 1, 1988]

Live In Theatre 1988

Italian bootleg

[December 2, 1988]

The First Day

Japanese bootleg.

[March 1, 1992]

The Day Before

Italian bootleg.

[June 1, 1992]


Italian bootleg

[December 31, 1992]

Tokyo 1993

[December 31, 1993]

Kings - Second Chapter

Italian bootleg.

[December 31, 1993]

The Road To Graceland

Japanese ltd. ed. 2CD bootleg

[January 1, 1994]

A New Dream

Italian 2CD bootleg

[February 1, 1994]

Slow Fire - A Personal Retrospective

The very first pressed (silver) CD's of the Slow Fire tour. Beautiful!!

[January 1, 1996]

Live Devotion Surrender

The first pressed (silver) CD's of the Everything and Nothing tour.

[December 1, 2001]

Everything And Loving

Japanese (Hong Kong?) 2CD bootleg

[December 2, 2001]

Sleepwalkers (fake Japanese promo)

Fake Japanese CD-R promo with single-sided information sheet of Sleepwalkers.

[September 1, 2010]




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