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Every Colour You Are

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Publisher: Opium (Arts) Ltd./10 Music Ltd.

Length: 4:44

Date: March 1, 1991

Copyright: Virgin Records Ltd.

Rain Tree Crow track


Music written by R.T.C.
Computer programming: Steve Jansen
Keyboard programming: Richard Barbieri, David Sylvian

Note: In episode 4503 of the dutch soap Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden (GTST broadcast June 6th 2012) the final minutes feature this track.


I touched his hand
Burned like coal
Put pay to the devil
And saw the mountain fall

Feel like crying
The jokes gone to far
You can be anything you want
Every colour you are

Family man
His patience tried
Put a torch to his home
And warmed his hands by the fire
No greed no desire

My roads uncrossed
White lined and tarred
By believing in you
Every colour you are

Artists related to this track

Steve Jansen - copyright Dirk Tholenaar for
Steve Jansen (performer)
2011 copyright Samadhisound
David Sylvian (performer)
2011 copyright Samadhisound
David Sylvian (lyrics)
Photo credits: Douglas Brothers
Mick Karn (performer)
Richard Barbieri
Richard Barbieri (performer)
Phil Palmer (performer)

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