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Bamboo Houses

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Publisher: 1982 Chadwick Nomis Ltd. / Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

Length: 4:13

Date: July 1, 1982

Copyright: Virgin Records Ltd

Collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto and released on single.


12"version length is 5:25


Sore de mo, hitobito no seikatsu wa tsuzuite iru

All the buildings I have loved
Are barely standing
All the children too young and thin
Sing bamboo music

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Photo: Hiroshi Nomura
Sakamoto, Ryuichi (performer)
Photo: Hiroshi Nomura
Sakamoto, Ryuichi (music)
Steve Jansen - copyright Dirk Tholenaar for
Steve Jansen (performer)
2011 copyright Samadhisound
David Sylvian (lyrics)
2011 copyright Samadhisound
David Sylvian (performer)

This track can be found on:

Bamboo Houses/Bamboo Music gatefold sleeve front
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front (picture by Yuka Fujii
A Victim Of Stars, 1982-2012

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front, inlay sheet
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jewelbox package with obi
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Front artwork
Bamboo Houses/Bamboo Music (Recordstore Day)

On Record Store Day 2015 (April 18th), Universal released a 7” of Bamboo hou....


Unofficial Remix

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Extra Comments  

#1 authorname 2004-10-01 13:11
A Japanese friend of mine transcribed the Japanese spoken words as follows: ' Boku ga daisuki datta kodomotachi. Mou hotondo nokotte inai. Chiisakute yasehosotta kodomotachi. Take no uta ga kikoeru. Soredemo hitobito no seikatsu wa susumeteiru.'

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