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Silver Moon

Sleeve and obi
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Publisher: Opium (Arts)

Length: 6:05

Date: September 13, 1987

Copyright: Virgin Records (Ltd) 1987



Soprano saxophone – Mel Collins
Vocals, keyboards, guitar – David Sylvian
Steel guitar – B.J. Cole
Bass – Ian Maidman
Guitar – Bill Nelson
Drums – Steve Jansen
Guitar, frippertronics – Robert Fripp


Out upon the open fields
The rain is pouring down
We're pulling up the sheets again
Against the passing tides of love
Every doubt that holds you here
Will find their own way out

I will build a shelter if you call
Just take my hand and walk
Over mountains high and wide
Bridging rivers deep inside
With a will to guide you on
Your heart will need no one
Those days are gone

Baby, I can tell you there's no easy way out
Lost inside of dreams that guide you on
Baby, I can tell you there's no easy way out
Soon the guiding moonlight will be gone

Out upon the ocean waves subside

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Steve Jansen - copyright Dirk Tholenaar for
Steve Jansen (performer)
2011 copyright Samadhisound
David Sylvian (performer)
Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson (performer)
Robert Fripp
Robert Fripp (performer)
Ian Madman. Picture taken from
Ian Maidman (performer)
Mel Collins (performer)
B.J. Cole
B.J. Cole (performer)

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