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Everything And Nothing

Everything and Nothing
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Label info: CDVD2897

Date: October 9, 2000

Type: CD

Copyright: Virgin Records Ltd.

Release info:: 2-CD: Virgin CDVD2897
boxset: Virgin CDVDX2897
Japanese :Virgin Japan, VJCP 68248

David's greatest hits.

The last 4 tracks are only available on the limited edition boxset.

On this compilation the following tracks are remixed:
Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II)
The Golden Way
Ghosts (new vocals!)
Weathered Wall
Bamboo Houses
Come Morning
Brilliant Trees (new vocals!)
Produced by David Sylvian. Photos: Front by Shinya Fujiwara. Album is dedicated to David's parents, Sheila and Bernard.

The Japanese version was released at November 8th, 2000. Like any other Japanese release this one is important for collectors, mainly because of the obi (this time not so spectacular) and the extra inlay sheets. The Japanese Everything And nothing contains two inlay sheets featuring the regular Japanese critic notes and all lyrics. These lyrics are not checked and authorized as we can see in the very first lyric of The Scent Of Magnolia where the opening sentence is written as: In the cow-dust hour <sic>

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Included with the limited edition is a third cd with four bonus tracks:
Bonus disc
The Scent Of Magnolia (edit)
The Blinding Light Of Heaven,
The Scent of Magnolia (Portobello mix)
Brilliant Trees (version 2000).

The limited edition version is pressed as gold CDs and presented in a special fold out digi-pack designed by Russell Mills. The credits are printed on an additional inlay sheet.

Everything And Nothing boxset

Everything And Nothing boxset

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Extra Comments  

#3 authorname 2005-07-28 09:06
para mis amigos de habla hispana... este compilado pasa por su historia, su creatividad y su Alma, nos refleja toda la calidad que tiene como músico, es un proyecto hermoso, con temas como Ride, Heartbeat, Orpheus y The Scent of Magnolia, que son temas hermosos, Total mente Recomendable, Sobre todo Heartbeat
#2 authorname 2003-10-08 12:14
I wrote a critic on the german AMAZON-Site and described it as the album of the year. Years ago there was a play on the german radio where you were asked: "Which record would you take with you on a lonely island?" Here it is!
#1 Chris Chambers 2003-08-31 16:19
the album is quite simply awesome... a big fan for years..great to have ds back...but a classic deserves silver moon and thalhiem! quite simply...many thanks for the music over the years...you are a genius my friend.... i hope you are close to this site david..i would like to hear from you.. best wishes chris chambers

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