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Special releases, extended features on miscellaneous subjects. These things come in here.

Akiko Yano - Ai Ga Nakucha Ne (1st issue vinyl pressing)

Very rare Japanese first issue vinyl album with stickered sleeve and inlay.

[August 2, 1982]

Red Guitar (picture disc)

The 7: version of Red Guitar is edited to 4:42.

[June 2, 1984]

Pulling Punches (picture disc)

This is what a picture disc should be. Beautiful photography (by Yuka Fujii) on good music.

[November 1, 1984]

Perspectives - Polaroids 82-84

Started in 1982, David Sylvian developed himself a form of Polaroid montage photography which took him two years to master and complete. A result of....

[February 3, 1986]

Japanese Perspectives

Polaroids 82-84, Japanese version

[April 9, 1986]

Pop Song (Slip-case box CD single)

The UK boxed version of the Pop Song 5 inch CD single in carton slip-case box. Beautiful!

[October 2, 1989]


One of the best collectors items you can have of David. Beautiful artwork by Russell Mills.
The Japanese version has a bonus booklet.

[November 6, 1989]

Pop Song (Japan)

Japanese version of this single.

[December 6, 1989]

Rain Tree Crow (Japanese boxed version)

Japanese version, boxed in beautiful black case with, besides the regular booklet, a 28 page bonus booklet featuring exclusive photographs and lyric....

[March 21, 1991]

Ember Glance (Russell Mills)

Wonderful box, with 100 page book, covering the Ember Glance exhibition in Tokyo and a CD with excellent ambient tracks. Still popping up once in aw....

[November 1, 1991]

Ember Glance handmade prototype

Ember Glance: The Permanence Of Memory was an immersive multimedia installation by David Sylvian and Russell Mills, staged at the Temporary Museum, ....

[November 1, 1991]

Hector Zazou - Sahara Blue (1st edition, Japan)

Japanese first edition from 1992.

[January 15, 1992]

Heartbeat box

Famous blue box with inserts.

[June 30, 1992]

The First Day ltd. ed. box

CD is packed in slipcase with normal booklet. Included are 8 postcards (see large size images of these in the gallery).

[July 17, 1993]

Ingrid Chavez - Little Girls With 99 Lives

This CD was made privately in a batch of 20 for friends and record-company associates.

[May 1, 1997]

Approaching Silence (US)

This is the US release of the instrumental album.

[July 29, 1999]

Taiwan releases

Taiwan releases of David Sylvian albums

[December 1, 1999]

Everything And Nothing Tour, brochure CD (2001/2002)

Disc was enclosed in the Everything And Nothing Tour 01 and 02 brochure.

[September 1, 2001]

Camphor (Japanese edition)

Japanese version: Mutability (detail) ONLY on Japanese and 2CD Deluxe version.

[June 5, 2002]





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