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Rain Tree Crow (promo cassette)

Cassette inlay front
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Date: March 5, 1991

Type: cassette

Copyright: (P) 1991 Virgin Records Ltd (C) 1991 Virgin Records Ltd / Opium (Arts) Ltd

US only promotional cassette for the Rain Tree Crow album


Computer programming: Steve Jansen
Keyboard programming: Richard Barbieri, David Sylvian
All song written by Rain Tree Crow, words by David Sylvian.
Published by Opium (Arts) Ltd/10 music Ltd.
Produced by Rain Tree Crow.
Engineered by Pat McCarthy
Additional engineering by Tim Martin


David Sylvian: Hammon organ, guitars, shortwave radio, electric piano, vocals, additional percussions, bass, synthesizers
Mick Karn
:Pulse bass, Wah Wah bass/saxophone, brass, pipes, bass clarinet
Steve Jansen: drums, percussion, hammond organ, ceramic drum, tambourine, moroccan clay dru, treated piano, marimba
Richard Barbieri: synthesizes, piano
Djene Doumbouya
: vocals on 1
Dianka Diabate
: vocals on 1
Bill Nelson
: Additional guitar on 1, guitar on 8
The phantom horns
: Arranged by Sylvian/Karn on 1
Phil Palmer
: Slide guitar on 1, acoustic guitar on 4
Michael Brook
:bass conga on 4, guitar treatments on 5, percussion on 9, treatments on 11
Brian Gascoigne
:Orchestration on 4

Special  thanks to Sven Jacobs for providing this material.

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