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Various promos on vinyl and cassette.

Pierre Barouh - Le Pollen (promo)

Recently discovered promo single of Le Pollen (featuring David Sylvian) with a previously unknown mix of title track!

[January 1, 1982]

Forbidden Colours/Copacabana

Probably a jukebox single.

[July 1, 1983]

The Ink In The Well (promo)

[August 1, 1984]

Silver Moon (France, 1 sided)

Silver Moon French Promo 1986 One sided single SA1079

[September 1, 1986]


12" promo, white label single. Standard black sleeve.

[April 1, 1987]

Let The Happiness In

No artwork, white label promo.

[September 1, 1987]

Ink In The Well - A Conversation

US promo.

[November 16, 1987]

Rain Tree Crow (promo cassette)

US only promotional cassette for the Rain Tree Crow album

[March 5, 1991]

Rain Tree Crow (promo cassette France)

French promotional cassette released by Virgin France S.A.

[March 5, 1991]


Virgin 12" vinyl promo

[June 1, 1992]

The First Day (US cassette)

US promo

[June 10, 1993]

The First Day (UK cassette)

[June 10, 1993]

Dead Bees On A Cake (Japan tape)

[February 20, 1999]

I Surrender (UK advanced tape)

UK advanced promo for both I Surrender singles.

[March 15, 1999]

Godman (vinyl 12" promo)

Promotional issue of the 12" single. Images kindly provided by Javis Gurr

[September 6, 1999]

Damage re-issue (Japanese tape)

[September 12, 2001]




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