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Promotional singles with David involved.


Hard to find promo.

[April 1, 1991]

Darshan (The Road To Graceland)

No printed sleeve, back inlay.

[July 17, 1993]

Jean The Birdman

Custom fold-out printed sleeve. Difficult to find, maybe even more difficult than the regular part 1 of the Jean The Birdman 2CD digipack.

[August 28, 1993]

I Surrender (reference, UK)

no printed sleeve, back inlay.

[November 17, 1998]

I Surrender (UK)

UK only 2-track promo

[March 1, 1999]

I Surrender (US)

[March 1, 1999]

I Surrender (advanced, UK)

advanced promo of I Surrender.

[March 1, 1999]

I Surrender (advanced, US)

[March 19, 1999]


2 track promo

[June 9, 1999]

Godman advanced promo

Advanced printed CD-R promo with horrible artwork....

[June 9, 1999]

N.M.L. - Zero Landmine

Promo for the soundtrack of the Zero Landmine benefit single.

[April 25, 2001]

World Citizen (Japanese advanced promo)

Japanese release only

[October 1, 2003]

World Citizen - i won't be disappointed (J-Wave promo)

Extremely rare Japanese promo

[October 1, 2003]

World Citizen

[October 8, 2003]

World Citizen (Samadhi Sound)

Advanced promo of the World Citizen single as published by Samadhi Sound.

[February 1, 2004]

Blonde Redhead - Equus

Advanced promo of the limited Blonde redhead single Equus, featuring David Sylvian on Messenger.

[May 14, 2004]




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