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St. Petersburg - Tyuz Theatre

Press-conference, Saturday 17 April in JFC music club St. Petersburg
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Date: April 18, 2004

April 18, 2004
The Good Son
The Only Daughter
The Heart Knows Better
She Is Not
Late Night Shopping
How Little We Need To Be Happy
A Fire In The Forest
The Other Side Of Life
When Poets Dreamed Of Angels + Cries And Whispers (medley)
The Shining Of Things
Blue Skinned Gods
Wasn't I Joe?

1st Encore
World Citizen

2nd Encore
Jean The Birdman

All pictures by Oleg.

Tour information of 2004 - Fire in The Forest

This time it's Russia and Japan. David Sylvian, Steve Jansen and visuals by Masakatsu Takagi.
St. Petersburg flyer. Thanks to Oleg

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