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Implausible Beauty tour 2012 Implausible Beauty tour 2012

I'm proud to announce a new upcoming interview with David Sylvian. It has been almost a decade ago since the last big Q&A publication on this site.

With the release of his latest albums, the new tour starting in March, his performance at Punkt and a new compilation coming out; it's time for him to answer our latest questions.

I hope to have the interview finished and published before the tour starts. So, I need help!

Please send in your questions for David by placing them in a comment below, or fill in the contact form or place it on twitter (@davidsylviannet) or davidsylvian.net's community wall.

When we have some decent questions available, I'll extend this site with some software that enables users to vote on them and to submit new questions.
The most interesting and best rated questions will be used for the interview.
Do not forget to fill in your name and email address too.

Hope to get your questions now!



#8 Steve 2012-02-20 19:44
Was the 'A Victim of Stars' compilation re-mastered and did you oversee it? Are you happy with the overall sound? Also, analogue tape vs digital - I read in Sound on Sound magazine once that you thought the advent of CD was a blessing as intricate sounds were no longer lost in the surface noise of vinyl. But, with the development of new technologies in the last couple of years what is your method of adding analogue warmth (or percieved analogue warmth) to digital recording (i.e. do you use plug ins or particular outboard gear?). Also, what is favoured vocal mic? Or does this change? Thanks again.
#7 Gareth Williams 2012-02-09 16:55
Much of your career to date has been about deconstructing the form of songs and using arrangement, texture and sound to construct alternative containers for meaning. Ghosts and Manafon seem like the youthful and mature versions of that quest. Is there further ground to break? And after the effort expended, do traditional forms still offer some respite?
#6 martin 2012-01-29 22:45
I was only thinking the other day that it was time that you did another one of these types of interviews so thank you for sorting it out, I know they take up a lot of time.

Over the years there have been bootleg live recordings of songs that have yet to make it into release, things like 'I Do Nothing', 'The House in Which we Live', 'Blue Skinned Gods' and 'Wasn't I Joe'. Do you still have plans for these songs so they will see light of day.
#5 Steve 2012-01-23 23:27
Hi David. Firstly, thank you for all the music I have enjoyed so much over the years. I'm interested to know about how you record, mix etc. Are you still recording in the studio you built at yours and Ingrid's house? Do you have favourite plug ins that you use with your DAW (I take it you still use ProTools?)? The Nine Horses album sounded very detailed - was this difficult to mix? I was listening to this album the other day on headphones and it struck me how well produced and mixed it is. I have a thousand other questions but I will stop there! Thanks, Steve. Myself and my fiancee look forward to seeing you at the Albert Hall in March!
#4 Mike 2012-01-20 20:11
Hello David,

I was wondering why every time the Japan version of Some Kind Of Fool is scheduled for release that you veto its inclusion.

I know it's not as good a recording as you hoped but the fans really want to hear it.

Surely with Mick Karn's passing in mind it could be released as a sort of tribute? I like the rerecorded version but am intrigued by what I've heard of the Japan version and always thought it would have rounded off Polaroids better.
#3 dan 2012-01-20 19:05
Are there "special Editions" of your (early) Albums, for example with live recordings or rare tracks, in sight?
#2 Dee 2012-01-18 14:44
Hello David I hope this finds you well and may I take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful music you have created over the years. I have been listening to your work since 1979 and your music has helped me through many difficult times but it seems to me that you have been mining a particularly rich vein over the past ten years. You seem to be able to convey in 20 seconds what would have taken a 6 minute song 20 years ago. It is music that manages to be sonically challenging, mysterious and dark yet retains a warmth and emotional intimacy. Your lyrical clarity and directness of language I think has never been so strong. May I ask you about your approach to writing? Do you approach it as a discipline? Or is it more a 'wait for inspiration to strike' approach? I remember Marc Bolan being asked how he wrote and his answer was that he just plucked them out of the air. I would be interested in your thoughts. Thank you David and may you enjoy a very happy New Year. Love Dee
#1 Steve Danuser 2012-01-14 17:47
What criteria do you use to determine if a particular tour merits the release of a live album? For example, it has always seemed curious that one of your most distinctive tours, Slowfire, has never seen any kind of official release.

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