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Find here all the regular releases such as albums (including vinyl), singles and videos.

Promotional releases

Find here the promos you were always looking for.
 Vinyl & cassettes

Unofficial releases

All unofficial (no home-made stuff) releases are packed in this category.
 Vinyl and cassettes
 Russian counterfeits
 Asian counterfeits
 Video (incl. DVDs)

Tracks & Poems

All tracks from or releated to David Sylvian
 Tracks - by/with David Sylvian
 Tracks - live performances
 Tracks - unreleased
 Tracks - used/covered by David Sylvian
 Tracks - covered/remixed

Printed matter

Everything that has been printed from and about David.
 David Sylvian publications
 Related publications
 Tour programmes

Live and TV performances

Concerts by David Sylvian and a few selected TV appearances.
 1988 - In Praise Of Shamans
 1992 - The First Day
 1993 - The Road To Graceland
 1995 - Slowfire
 2001 - Everything and Nothing tour 01
 2002 - Everything and Nothing tour 02
 2003 - Fire In The Forest
 2004 - Fire in The Forest
 2007 - The World Is Everything
 2011 - Punkt Festival
 2012 - Implausible Beauty
 2013 - The Kilowatt Hour

Photo gallery

All kind of photography.
 Live in 1988 -In Praise Of Shamans
 Live in 1992 - The First Day
 Live in 1993 - The Road To Graceland
 Live in 2001 - Everything and Nothing 01
 Live in 2002 - Everything and Nothing 02
 Live in 2003 - Fire In The Forest 03
 Live in 2004 - Fire In The Forest 04
 Live in 2007 - The World Is Everything
 davidsylvian.net readers with David


All subjects remaining to be mentioned.
 Art & Exhibitions
 Related releases
 Artists related to David Sylvian

Articles and Interviews

Printed/audio articles and interviews

 Audio & video
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